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I Believe That The Time Is NOW To Redefine the Way Businesses Connect with Their People, Suppliers and Partners. Let’s Have a New Conversation, To Build a More Holistic And Interactive Relationship, Starting Today.


In today's high technology-infused world of economy, traditional human interactions have been replaced by automation and digitization via tools and systems which have greatly reduced people's ability to interact with each other. The underlying goal with technology has been to eliminate failures created by human actions, in order to enhance the level of efficiency and effectiveness within a company so it can become more agile and responsive to market changes and customer needs!  This has come at a cost though.

The ULTIMATE CHALLENGE we have by shifting the focus from human interaction to tools and systems is that you inevitably lose the connection to your business and to your customers in the long run. EVERY CUSTOMER is DIFFERENT and UNIQUE and therefore EVERY SOLUTION NEEDS TO BE UNIQUE and thorough. A so called "one-size-fits-all" approach, strategy, tool or solution will most likely FAIL TO DELIVER the DESIRED RESULTS for a successful customer and supplier relationship!!

A solid VALUE PROPOSITION for a company's products and services is a MUST HAVE but the HUMAN CONNECTION and the PERSONALITY always make THE DIFFERENCE!  Read more about this... 


In today's world more and more companies are focusing on the aspect of sustainability which is one of the fundamental enablers of the so called "circular economy concept" which is based on 3 main pillars: design out waste and pollution - keep products & materials in use - regenerate natural systems. It still has a long way to go but social and corporate responsibility are key! The downside of participating in all these initiatives is an overload on your own business ecosystem where existing lifecycles and value chains are already very fragile due to a lack of required action on all aspects outside the financial figures such as ROI, CASHFLOW, REVENUE and MARGIN. 

All these KPIs are relevant to a certain degree for small and medium privately owned companies, but cannot be created in a sustainable manner when the inner orchestration of the company is not done in a harmonious and smooth way. Therefore, the focus should be on the overall sustainable wellbeing of the company which can be applied to every corner of it by leveraging SMART KPIs which fit to measure tangible results. Bringing COMPANIES BACK INTO THE RIGHT BALANCE is the GOAL and the challenge at the same time, as being in balance must be redefined and created for the individual organization in today's world.  Read more about this...


TODAY with all the challenges in our global economy, DOING CLASSICAL PROCUREMENT is simply NOT ENOUGH anymore.  While Mastering the Supply Chain has been the ultimate goal to ensure continuous supply for growth and profitability, the attention needs to shift towards concurring the overall VALUE CHAIN by DELIVERING VALUE which goes far BEYOND simple PRICE NEGOTIATIONS! It needs the WILLINGNESS to foster COLLABORATION with SUPPLIERS rather than letting them compete with each other for the cheapest price. 

The CURRENT DISRUPTION of the GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN has demonstrated how FRAGILE CUSTOMER and SUPPLIER RELATIONSHIPS  can become when price is the ONLY selection criteria when it comes to supplier selection.  

To ensure a sustainable business ecosystem the level of supplier engagement and collaboration will need to go beyond standard supplier relationship management, driven by scorecards and lowest pricing. Read more about this...

Here are some of the brands I've worked with over the last 20 years:

After interacting with more than 1000 suppliers I realized that Procurement's ability and a Supplier's potential to collaboratively make a SIGNIFICANT IMPACT FOR MUTUAL BENEFIT is extremely UNDER-LEVERAGED and UNDERVALUED!


I always had a VISION!

A vision that we all can live in co-existence rather than continuous competition, which only serves the survival instinct and doesn't allow us to experience the beauty of life at home, at work and in society. Social responsibility has been always an essential part of my value hierarchy.

My corporate years enabled me to fully comprehend the entire economy in various facets from industry over banking to FMCG. I am grateful and thankful to have worked in these environments which have helped me to understand that there is a better way to ensure profitability while becoming more human in interacting with each other! The current mechanism of our economy is not sustainable as it harms people, businesses, societies and our nature in various ways. The time is now to shift mindsets in order to transform the global economy to benefit the people, communities and the planet. But before that can happen it starts with the ULTIMATE FIRST STEP, which is always YOURSELF!

 Read more about Koray here...


Back in 2007 at GE Money Bank I had the privilege to participate in a business coach training around people communication, interaction and management. It was here that I fell in love with the idea to guide people to find their own solutions for their problems and challenges by simply ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS, instead of telling them what they should do. We all are different and unique and should acknowledge the fact that there is no standard approach or one-size-fits-all method to UNLOCK POTENTIAL by ELIMINATING inner personal LIMITATIONS

Read more about this...


ALONE you have DREAMS and maybe a VISION!

Together, as visionary partners and innovative leaders, we can create a mission to serve others in an authentic and value driven way. By doing this we inevitably gravitate like-minded people towards our goal to build an ecosystem which is based on the foundations of ourselves, that are big enough, to MAKE a significant and long-lasting IMPACT in todays society for a better future and more meaningful life for all of us! Read more about this...


We all have an IMPACT, CONSCIOUSLY as well as UNCONSCIOUSLY, on this world we live in. The actions we make to achieve our impact also comes with responsibility to ensure that we RESPECT and APPRECIATE each individual human being, communities and environment, and be aware that we are heavily dependent on this planet as we only have one earth! 

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