Go Beyond Global Is the
New Kid on the Block and Offers Comprehensive Advisory & Consulting Services Within and Beyond Procurement

To enable companies to operate to their highest capacity & ability level, procurement needs to start to play a much more consultative & integrative role in todays world. Business leaders need to understand how the perception of procurement needs to change in order to unlock procurement's full potential, which has to go beyond pure price negotiations year over year.


Go Beyond Global is helping small & medium privately owned businesses to connect & harmonize the entire supply chain with their own value chain. Interaction, connection and collaboration are the key principles enabling this shift!

We are also going 2 steps further: the best marketing for yourself is always when your customer is advocating for you and that's our goal. We do not want to sell; we want to solve challenging situations so you feel that you have a partner in your team who is always there for you and genuinely has your best interests at heart.


EVERYTHING in LIFE is CONNECTED; people, nature, and how we interact with each other and the impacts due to the NATURE OF DEPENDENCY.

We believe that we can create an economic environment where collaboration, respect for each other and the focus on values (instead of purely on price) can still ensure a profitable business for everyone.

Today's world is shifting and revealing that the way we use to live and work is harming ourselves, nature and the entire planet.

The old paradigm of the industrial era where everyone needs to be in competition with each other in person as well as in business in order to maximize the personal benefits and business profits is already outdated. We have entered into the era of post industrialization where information, communication and service are the trend-setters of the new required economy today and into the future.

The only way that we can ensure we last for another century - and even the next millennium - is when we all take our part in being responsible for our actions and being responsible for each other.

Converting and transforming this into business terms means that we need to transition from control and dominance over to caring, nurturing for and looking after each other and everything around us.

Nature can live on without us but we cannot survive and exist without nature! It is time that we all understand this inevitable causality to ensure the continuous wellbeing of mankind into the future.

GoBeyondGlobal intends to support businesses in MAKING this BUSINESS SHIFT from a VERTICAL hierarchy structure INTO a HORIZONTAL business operating model where the ONE & ONLY GOAL for profitability comes through CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.


We all make an impact, consciously as well as unconsciously, on this world we live in. The actions we make to achieve our impact also comes with a responsibility to ensure that we respect and appreciate each individual human being, the nature and environment, and be aware that we are heavily dependent on this planet - which we only have ONE of!

Go Beyond Global's contribution to make this very important social impact starts with VALUING THE PEOPLE: OUR CUSTOMERS and PARTNERS, by living and expressing our CORE VALUES of:





But this is just the start: we are aiming to build an entirely new ecosystem which generates wealth for societies and profitability for all companies through human collaboration, fairness and respect for everyone and everything. With our growing network of trusted partners we are able to bring long term added value to our customers where we help them to operate smarter, more sustainable and more profitable.

There is much more in the pipeline to come to help to create a better future and a more meaningful life for everyone!

Stay tuned...