The Finer Details of How We Work...


Similar to a doctor visit it ALWAYS starts with the DIAGNOSTICS.

Following the saying " We DON'T KNOW WHAT WE DON'T KNOW" we first need to gather reliable information to better understand the present situation.

Depending on the TARGETED AREA the diagnosis can range from a simple Q&A exercise to a solid 360 ASSESSMENT (OBD360) to capture all relevant aspects.

OUR PRINCIPLE always remains "Keep it SIMPLE & STRAIGHT!"

EVERY ACTIVITY is interactive and requires the collaboration of EVERYBODY!


The DIAGNOSTICS results provide a preliminary understanding of the "AS IS" situation, including some common challenges & problems which we have already identified during the analysis.

The 2nd step is to understand & visualize underlying causalities & interdependencies by leveraging proven methods and techniques, e.g. Mind Mapping Tools, Value Stream Mapping, and a Fishbone diagram etc. during an optional brainstorming session.


The corresponding results will be then converted into an initial solution design and/ or project plan to valid date required steps, timeline and fine tune anticipated costs & benefits to finalize the approach.


With the clear understanding of the desired and tangible outcome as well as the required level of collaboration and support through the customer the project will be initiated at given time, including regular updates to ensure project is on track and any potential challenges early enough identified for on time resolution.

Our Promise To You:

ALL our actions are TRANSPARENT & STRAIGHT FORWARD and ALWAYS in line with your two W-Questions:

1. What does it bring me?

2. Why do I need it!

Our EXTENSIVE (INDUSTRY) EXPERIENCE enables us to focus on the things that work and skip actions that does not work, so that we can achieve MAXIMUM RESULTS with MINIMUM EFFORTS.